As a nurse, I’ve read my fair share of research, including some about the benefits of vitamin C. A 2002 study published in Advances in Therapy showed that, compared with the placebo group, the vitamin C treatment group had significantly fewer colds and a significantly shorter duration of severe symptoms.

In Maine the highly contagious common cold wreaks havoc every winter, keeping folks out of work and school. The common cold is especially dangerous for the immuno-compromised, because it can quickly progress from a simple cold to pneumonia, which can be deadly. It stands to reason that everyone should take vitamin C, to keep themselves and everyone around them healthy.

Why hasn’t the Maine Legislature mandated that all Maine citizens take daily vitamin C supplements? After all, people are far more likely to come in contact with someone sick with a cold, than someone with measles. If we are truly concerned about protecting the immuno-compromised, why not mandate daily vitamin C?

Could it be because there is no money to be made from lobbying for mandated vitamin C? Big Pharma is motivated to lobby for mandated vaccines because vaccines are a liability-free product. Yes, you heard me right, while the pharmaceutical industry can be sued for damage caused by any other product (i.e. Vioxx and the opioid crisis), they have been free from liability for vaccines since 1986.

I will vote “yes” on Question 1 March 3 to tell Big Pharma that I don’t want them dictating medical choices in Maine.

Laurel Libby, Auburn

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