A few months ago, a committee met in Augusta to discuss providing every Maine citizen a minimum income, irrespective of their ability to work. If that were not irrational enough, a rule is being contemplated by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention to allow a non-binary “X” to be placed on birth certificates, rather than “M” or “F,” as if sexual genitalia and their chromosomal foundation were somehow irrelevant to biological integrity and social stability.

Even if one rejects God as creator and designator of those who possess either the XX or XY chromosomes at conception, natural selection requires a faithful adherence to evolutionary theory — something transgender identity repudiates.

If the CDC truly exists to control and prevent disease in all its forms and disguises at the biological, chemical and medical levels — not at the political level — it will reject this proposed rule as intellectually dishonest and irrational.

Mark Wood, Poland

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