To the Editor:

I was browsing on Facebook one day and saw this saying, and thought, “Boy, that really hits the nail on the head. So, I wanted to share it with folks who do not have Facebook or who did not happen to get it. So here it is:

“People often say I’m not interested in politics. They might as well say, I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedom, my future or any future … . If we mean to keep any control over our world, our lives, we must be interested in politics. “ Martha Gillhorn.

Nearly everyone has some similar concerns such as our health, especially when we or a loved one is sick. We think about how are we going to get timely, good, care and how are we going to pay for it ? We all need housing, safety to go about our business, We want healthy good food for our families and clean water and environments in which we and our children can thrive. We want and need good police and fire departments, local business services, good schools and roads because we know how important these things are for us and our neighbors.

Did you ever think about what would happen if you did not have them ? Would you miss them ? If you are not sure, maybe talking to someone from a community that has lost their industry- standard of living, wages, seen the changes in their schools and lack of money to keep their hospitals, roads in good repair not to mention unable to maintain their parks, side-walks and cemetery. Maybe if you talked with someone from another country, about how important they think it is to be able to vote, you would come to appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to vote. It is our vote, mine and yours that are going to keep what we have and can even improve upon what we have.

Our complex political system could use some changes. Like a lot of other systems and things in life, that we want to changes, will come gradually if we help to move it toward a more positive future.

Wouldn’t you like to have your children and grandchildren have a positive outlook for their future ? You can help them by making a difference yourself, learning a little more over time. about candidates, political party/or parties, and voting, as well as talking positively about these things to your children, so they will not only have hope for their futures, but they are our hope for the future.

It is the local values, morality, ethics and characteristics as reliability and caring that are the grass roots of politics. It is the honest, capable local individuals that represent and work for you, that are the back bone of our government. I hope you will consider my thoughts, look into your . Your one vote,, can make a difference especially in local elections. Your presence at political party and local town meetings would be welcome.

March 3, is a day you can vote for presidential nominates. There is a Democratic Caucus on March 8, at UMF, North Dining Hall. In November we can elect a president for the next four years. We have the chance to have a change in Washington, or have the same. So, look into your heart, and use your privilege to Vote.

By the way, we can all be proud of Governor Mills. She has made a lot of positive changes, in the short time she has been in office and her State of the State address was welcome, informative and positive. Aren’t you proud of her? (After all, she does hail from Farmington.)

Sylvia Ingerson


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