To the Editor:

I believe that I am hearing some things from Washington that I may owe a few people a thank you for. Mitch McConnell, not more than five weeks ago many members of our Democratic Party put together a fabulous list of the many problems Trump has caused. Those same people also did a fabulous job of bringing those problems to the public’s attention.

You, Mitch, had two perfect examples in Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon’s on what could have and should have been done to smooth over an impeachment process with hardly a ripple. You, Mitch, with your oversized ego just had to have a flat out victory. You led your Republican Senate to a guilty or not guilty floor vote party had accepted just once and at most two concessions.

You would have been considered an absolute hero. As it is no one knows how this battle will eventually turn out. Yes Mitch you gave your Trump the most irresponsible person this nation has ever known a free pass to victory, Mitch McConnell.

To Chuck Schumer: The article you wrote and delivered was done beautifully. It is paying off.

CNN: The one second delivery of your picture of Trump gives ten minutes worth of information on television. Keep it up CNN.

I wish to convince most people that Trump is completely absent of a conscience. He is quite similar to a broken rudder on a ship.

I, Ardene, will just love having our Democratic Party as the party of honesty. Thank you Shumer and soooo many others for your efforts.


Ardene Proctor


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