100 Years Ago: 1920

The storm cleared just in time for the Chapman concert and everything looks favorable for a large audience and a delightful evening. The artists are among the finest that Director Chapman has ever brought to Maine.

50 Years Ago: 1970

A torchlight parade was held last night at East Auburn by members of the Mount Gile Teenage Ski Club as a symbol of appreciation towards the East Auburn Community Unit for making the new community building a reality. Ten members of the Ski Club carrying lighted torches, began the parade at  the new building on Pettengill Road and went over Oak Hill Road to the Mt. Gile Ski Area where the torches were presented to officers of the Community Unit and Women’s Auxiliary. Prior to the presentation of torches, members of the well drilled Ski Club went through several formations and  exercises on the slopes.  At the passing of the torches ceremony, Henry Davenport Ill, club advisor, spoke for the teenagers and said, “May we at this moment pass the light to be guided for the coming year. and in doing so, we are preparing for the day when we shall stand and receive light to guide permanently as responsible citizens of a great nation and a swell community.” Many spectators were on hand to view the proceedings and of the lighted torches ceremony.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Junior selectmen Mike Lewin and Jarrod Barlow, both freshmen at Oxford Hills High School,  proposed sectioning off an area of 10 by 20 feet for a butterfly garden and meadow in the park. Selectmen gave their full support to the proposal, which Lewin and Barlow hope to get off the ground this spring. “I think this is a super thing to do,” sald Selectman Arthur Hill. Selectman Raymond Glover also complimented the two for taking such an initiative. Lewin and Barlow sald they got the idea from Nickelodeon, a cable television station aimed at children, as part of its Earth Force campaign. The section of the park the boys discussed would be on the West Paris end and to the High Street side of the park. The meadow in the park would be an unmoved section of the park that would serve as a habitat for birds, insects, small mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The butterfly garden, where native wild flowers and butterflies, Lewin said. Included in the plan would be some nesting boxes and bird feeders in that section of the park, Lewin added. The junior selectmen also proposed having a litter patrol of volunteers go out once a month to pick up litter not only in the park, but in the downtown area as well.

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