I must take issue with Mark Wood who wrote (Feb. 28) regarding gender identity.
Far too may people are making pronouncements based on an extremely limited knowledge of this area of human biology. The human body is a very complex organism in and of itself. So, if you combine the genetic data from two of these organisms, i.e. “let’s have a baby,” you end up with an even more complex set of chromosomes with more possible variants than one could dream of based on our mostly cursory understanding of biology. Gender is not a simple case of either/or.
If interested, one can find the genetic biology of the human being on the internet by Googling “chromosomes” and “genetics.” I found a great World Health Organization site. There is so much science that we all were never taught, that it behooves all of us to dig a little deeper when encountering complex scientific issues.
Science itself is never political, but political factions will use whatever they can to press their agenda.
Diana Tozier, Poland

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