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I had a stay-cation” again at my doctors favorite resort, L-hopital Sheraton.  It was crowded, I imagine it must be a great time of the year.  The view was fantastic, trees, roads, sidewalks and buildings frozen with glistening ice from a storm that fell on the state of Maine and also didn’t put me at the beach or lakeside. The storm made driving to get there a real challenge, turning a 2 hour trip into 4 hours.  While part of me did not want to rush to get there,  the other part was anxious and little apprehensive as we tested MaMa’s all weather tires.  Being the last one to check in, I was very welcomed with staff whose new uniforms also consisted of little bunnies or dogs on their scrubs.  Finally after visits from all the bright and eager doctors (they just get so happy on this stuff) to reinforce my surgical procedures, I was given wonderful cocktails which I remembered from last time, that put me out in a state of amazement and total relaxation without a care in the world. What ice storm?  Was really hoping to see bare-chested waiters carrying drinks with little umbrellas, but soon enough I was out, with no care in the world.  Hours later, not remembering how I got to my suite, somewhat conscious, was treated to drinks from bags and pain meds and stale crackers without salted tops, go figure!  At this point, I was starving and welcomed from the kitchen the beautifully crafted carded menu to select dinner.  The selections were pretty much the same with few changes and I actually loved the soup this time and stuck with what I remembered from my last vacation here.
After a couple days I made it home, but must be non-weight bearing until further orders.  I apologize for not giving you a Scrappy Chef classic with recipes to try, but this vacation whipped me down big time.  My gracious thanks and as delighted I am you are following me you can also send your love, comments and recipes to me for next time.

Much love….Scrappy Chef.
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