If you were like me on March 3, you probably wished we had been able to use ranked choice voting in the Democratic primary. I did not really make up my mind on whom to vote for until I was standing in the voting booth. I liked multiple candidates to different degrees. I had to choose one.

The good news is the voting public will be able to use ranked choice voting in the primaries in 2024.

The Maine Legislature made two major changes to Maine’s election system last session. They voted to change Maine from a caucus to a primary state, thereby joining the vast majority of U.S. states using a primary to elect convention delegates. Gov. Janet Mills signed that bill promptly. The Iowa caucus showed how that was a very good move.

In a separate bill, the Legislature also voted to use ranked choice voting in primaries. The governor chose not to sign that bill and let it go into effect without her veto or her signature. Because she didn’t sign it, it will not go into effect until 2024. Too bad. It was really needed this year.

I wish the state would get smart and pass the constitutional amendment necessary to use ranked choice voting for all of Maine’s state and national elections. Let majority rule, the way the framers of the state Constitution originally intended.

Ben Lounsbury, Auburn

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