Food Pantry

Aaron and Amanda Ouellette have opened up a food pantry in the foyer of their restaurant, Daddy O’s. You can find info on their foundation’s web site: Daddy O’s Act of Kindness Foundation. In the foyer at Daddy O’s are coolers with food for those in need.
No asking, just go to foyer and get food for a meal or two.

Pre-K Registration Information-Fall 2020 Class:
Children need to be 4 years old on or before October 15, 2020, to be eligible to apply. To receive a preschool application for the  Fall 2020 class, please contact Marjorie Scribner at 207-743-8972, ext 8268 or email at [email protected]. When you contact us, please provide the following information: child’s name, child’s date of birth, mailing address and/or street address (if different), parents’ name(s), and contact telephone number.

Kindergarten Registration

We are starting the enrollment process for any student who will be 5 years old on or before October 15, 2020. If you have a child that you plan to enroll please call 739-2066 and let Darlene know. Once packets and a date for screening has been set she will call you with the info.

Mr. Hart’s Corner

Happy March! Our days will be longer with Daylight Savings Time happening.
* Welcome to our new Art Teacher, Ms. Alexis Miranda. Ms. Miranda will be at Agnes Gray School on Thursdays and her first day will be Thursday, March 12th.
* Our Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 students brought home recently a Spring 2020 MEA Testing Info & Schedule. MEA testing starts on Monday, March 16, and ends on Friday, April 10.
* Your student also brought home a Spring 2020 Parent/Teacher Conference Day form. Our Parent/Teacher Conference Day is Thursday, March 19, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Please fill out the conference day form so we can confirm your conference time with your child’s teacher. Your student is invited to join your teacher and parent conference on March 19.
* Earlier this week, our 5th and 6th Grade classrooms had their Boston Trip Information meeting. A trip itinerary, trip expectations, fundraising and family permission information was presented and discussed. Presently, $1500 is needed to meet all trip transportation, Boston sites and experiences expenses.
One particular fundraiser is a Boston Trip Calendar, with each day in April has either a gift card or cash prize for each calendar day. We appreciate your support with our many fundraisers to support this special educational trip. We look forward to seeing and meeting you at our Parent/Teacher Conferences Day, March 19.
Daniel O. Hart, Interim Principal


PreK – It has been a beautiful week in Pre-K. We have been able to spend time outside and take extra breaks when needed.
We are still in our “World of Color” unit, exploring color in so many ways. Recently we sent home a picture of a dog. This is from our book “Dog’s Colorful Day.”  In this book, dog ends up getting many spots on him from his adventure around his town – some spots from ice cream, mud, paint, and other things. Please work with your child to make up how your dog got
spots on him and write a small story to share with the class.
We will spend a day next week allowing each child to tell their story, sharing their story with the class will help create comprehension that written words have meanings and a purpose. Be as creative as you can!
We look forward to seeing you all at our next family fun night on Tuesday March 10.
Have a great weekend.
Ms. Larracey

Kindergarten – No news this week.
Mrs. Biggers

Grade One – What a fast and busy week it’s been in first grade!
Our final round of conferences will be held on Thursday, March 19.  Friday, March 20, will be a Teacher Workshop Day, so students will not be in school that day. Please let me know if that day will not work for you and we can schedule a different time.
We are continuing our measurement unit in Math and are getting good at finding the differences between two
In Reading Workshop, we are learning how to become the bosses of our own reading. Ask your child about the song we’ve learned to help us remember our word solving strategies.
Have a great weekend and thank you so much for your support at home!
Mrs. Chafin

Grade Two – Happy Friday! It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve gotten a full week at school together!
Second grade filled our week with a lot of learning!
We are continuing in our graphing unit and are doing a wonderful job collecting data and organizing it into categories.
We’ve been having some fun phonics lessons this week. We continue to study poetry and songs to help improve our fluency. One favorite has been learning the words to Starfish & Coffee by Prince, or dancing to the Macarena. All in the day in the life of second grade!
I received some exciting news on Monday! I created a DonorsChoose project which would get our class a bunch of chapter books that would be accessible for all of my second graders. This project was funded in less than 15 minutes! I’m looking forward to introducing the class to new series and characters!
Please keep your eyes on the lookout for conference scheduling sheets coming soon!
Mrs. Puiia

Grade Three – This week in math we’re back to the basics with multiplication facts. We’re relieved to see that we already know the factors of 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 because we can skip count quickly and fluently. That leaves only the factors of 3, 4, and 6 – 9 to contend with. Luckily we have some great games that make memorizing facts fun! We’ve also moved into geometry. We began with the language of geometry, learning new words like vertex and angle.
In other word study, we are seeing how suffixes and prefixes change the meaning of the base, or root word. All this is great preparation for MEA testing coming up in just a few weeks!
Mrs. Cooper

Grade Four – We are starting the month of March working on our Extreme Weather projects. The students are using their research to create posters and models. They will also be exploring experiments to conduct with the class. Our unit will be shared with families during our Parent Teacher
We are about to start a unit in Geometry, measuring angles and describing the attributes of 2 dimensional polygons. The students seem excited about this unit of study!
As we get closer to MEA testing, we are preparing by looking at sample released items and learning about test taking strategies. The students are taking this seriously, as they seem to be putting forth their best effort.
Finally, I am looking forward to meeting with you at Parent Teacher Conferences! Please keep an eye out for the
scheduling sheet coming home soon.
Mrs. Toita

Grade Five  – I am looking forward to conferences, where your child will demonstrate their learning for each of the standards being scored this trimester. A highlight will be the model of the solar system we’re preparing for your information and enjoyment!
Our work in math lately involves decimals–comparing, ordering, and representing them. We’re also working on making sure that everyone is solid in multiplying larger numbers using the standard algorithm before the end of the trimester.
March is a longer month, so three book talks will be due before the end of the month. The hope is that kids are reading at least one chapter book a week at their level; the only way to make this happen is if kids are reading the book of their choice at home each evening. Please continue to check in with your child and to look at their Weekly Sheet!
Thanks for all your help with this great group of kids.
Mrs. Timm

Grade Six – We kicked off this week with an intrigue into the world of teen activism leading into profile writing. There are a lot of pieces which need to be covered over a longer then average period of time. What this means for our team members is a strong writing endurance. Pieces won’t happen overnight, there is a specific process which takes time. This writing endurance is a challenge I don’t see our students struggling much with.  They are a strong class of writers. Please ask your student about who they have been learning about.
Mr. Onofrio

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 19 – Parent, Teacher Conference Day
Friday, March 20 – No School.  Teachers Workshop Day

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