As a student of art, I can appreciate the color wheel as a work of art in itself. I think it would be fun to parallel a well-rounded life with color.

When we come into the world, we see things from a perspective of the primary colors of yellow, red and blue. As we experience life and mature from those experiences, our lives are opened up to enjoy the world of secondary colors of orange, violet and green. That can be a very difficult time for many people if we fail to reach out and share our lives with people we love and care about.

As we continue to grow and mature into the people God created us to be, our reward will be the world of tertiary colors. The awesome beauty of yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green and yellow-green open our minds to allow us a glimpse of heaven.

We were never meant to remain in the world of primary colors. All of us have been created to experience the happiness and joy of a God-centered life. My hope and prayer for people is that people realize this before they are gone and change for the better.

Every one of us is a work of art with so much potential. I would pray that people would make the most of every color in the wheel and create for themselves a masterpiece.

Michael Boom, Lewiston

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