LEWISTON — The 29th Annual Lahey Bowlfest was a huge success. The Thomas E Lahey Foundation was established in honor of Tom Lahey who passed away Oct 3rd 1982 at age 45. Since it’s inception it has awarded in excess of 250,000 dollars in scholarship assistance to graduates of Lewiston High School, Edward Little and St.Dominic Academy.

10-pin division: Team: 1. Cailler’s Painting (Steve Dubuc, Warren Lacasse, Bruce Lake, Bud Willy, Dan Carrier) 2. Landry & Son (Scott Beaudoin, Dave Boucher, Ben Harrington, Fred McKay, Scott Harrington) 3. Girouxski’s (Donna Giroux La Roche, June Kordalski, Pam Giroux, Mike Langelier, Moe Ouellette); Individual: Men: High Game Sratch — Jamey Bissonette 247; High Series Scratch — Brandon Marcotte 654;High Average Scratch — Shane MacFarland 229; High Game Handicap — Larry Godin 282; High Series Handicap — Bill Healey 767; Women: High Game Scratch — Brooke Ledger 233; High Series Scratch — Sarah Pelletier 579; High Average Scratch — Anita Morin 200; High Game Handicap — Nancy Mennealy 270; High Series Handicap — Melissa Johnson 791.

Candlepin division: Team: 1. H & K Patriots (Terry Lefebvre, Joe Berry, Dickinson L’Italian, Larry Lafebvre, Ron Bilodeau) 2. Thatcher’s (Paul Dionne, Mike Lahey, Toby Violet, Scott Cote, Bert Cote); Individual: Men: High Game Scratch — Joe Berry 114; High Series Scratch — Joe Adkins 286; High Average Scratch — Mike Peaco 97; Women: High Game Scratch — Jenn Tracey 76; High Series Scratch — Danielle Rock 220.

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