We do have a choice.

I believe the strong underlying convictions in the current political climate can be summed up as “change,” “business as usual,” or “God help us.”

“Change” and having a better life seems to me the right choice. We need to be brave to break the cycle of complacency and change isn’t always easy. Change is also scary.

“Business as usual” is the easy way out. Maintaining the status quo will not benefit the government or us as citizens.

“God help us” is, of course, the present administration. What Trump has done in four years can only be described as a total, in his own words, disaster. It is the time to end the madness.

“Change” is Bernie Sanders; “business as usual” is Joe Biden; and, of course, “God help us” is Donald Trump.

We need to take our country back.  I have faith we can.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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