DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is there anyone in Sun Spots Land who plays canasta?  We’re looking for a fourth person to play for fun about two hours every second or third week or so at Marion T. Morse Center in Lisbon Falls. We are open to discuss day, time and frequency. Please call me at 751-9961 or email [email protected]

— Janice, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read the Feb. 28 Sun Spots pertaining to Sim’s Restaurant on Minot Avenue.

I worked at Sim’s from 1973 to the mid-90s, both full time and part time. Both my wife and mother were waitresses at Sim’s, as well and my brother-in law also worked there for many, many years.

I remember the lobster rolls were flattened out like pancakes, making the lobster salad overflow out of the roll. We accomplished this with a giant waffle-type grill (George Foreman style) with foil on the top cover that came down on the lobster rolls, and made them looked stuffed.

Lobster stew, clam chowder, mini shore dinners, Downeaster dinners, and King Burgers were all favorites. King Burgers had fries with gravy and peas included on the plate.

We had a takeout window in the kitchen where people lined up for their orders and food to go right out the back window. We had the fluffiest onion rings, and large fried clams in crumbs or batter were takeout favorites.

Bates Homecoming was crazy busy every year. We use to cook many steamed and baked stuffed lobsters. We also had our famous bread pudding for dessert.

We were also famous for the large lobster pound that was full of live lobsters. There was also lobster salad, clams, and clear lobster meat for sale. “Eat lunch at Sim’s lobster pound” was a song on the radio as their commercial.

I remember smelling like a fried clam after work every night. Sun Spots brought back great memories for me that I thought I would share after reading the column with my breakfast cereal and coffee.

— Larry, no town

ANSWER: I just adored your story, Larry. Thank you so much for sharing it. You wouldn’t happen to have the recipe for the onion ring batter, would you? If so, please send it in!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Throughout the past year, St. Mary’s Nutrition Center Garden Team learned a lot about coming together as a community, forging cooperation between gardeners, different gardens, Nutrition Center programs, and community organizations.

For the 2020 season some exciting plans are underway along with challenges to explore and overcome. We’re preparing to build the third community garden in Auburn at a location on Whitney Street. Several neighbors have already expressed interest in gardening, and there are opportunities to collaborate with the adjacent Washburn Elementary School. A change in greenhouse space availability has encouraged us to look into lower input ways to grow seedlings and explore ways to empower gardeners to be more connected with the seed-starting process.

We’re excited to continue building opportunities for gardeners to get together and deepen their connections and garden knowledge, and we’re looking forward to a new season of growth together. Those interested in gardening with us next year can email Bridgette at [email protected] or call us at 513-3848.

— No name, no town

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