DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Center for Wisdom’s Women is looking for women to volunteer as a companion. Companions provide a calm, non judgmental listening presence. They also are on-site a minimum of three hours per week to help and hold a respectful, hospitable and calm group space, and are available to sit with women who need someone to talk to. If this sounds like something you can help with, please contact us at 513-3922 and ask for Klara or Sonia.

— Sonia, no town

ANSWER: Wisdom’s Women, 97 Blake St. in Lewiston, is a weekday drop-in center that offers safe and sacred opportunities for women in the community to heal from adverse life experiences and to thrive and enrich each other’s lives. I hope you’ll consider using your compassionate nature and listening skills to companion women who are navigating through uncertain, stressful times. Comforting another human being is so good for your own heart and soul too.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read in Sun Spots some time ago about people who can come to our home to give haircuts, etc. My wife and I are seniors and have a hard time getting around so we were wondering if you could reprint the list of possible in- ome hairstylists.

— Buzz, no town

ANSWER: The hair stylists I have in my Rolodex include Linda Therrien (576-3081) and Lynn Eberhard (782-1271 and 754-9805 cell). You may also want to call SeniorsPlus at 8 Falcon Road in Lewiston (795-4010) and ask if they know of others. While on the phone with them, ask them about any other services and recommendations you may need. They are extremely helpful and kind. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read your column every day and would like to have some more help from you.

I have a grandfather clock that needs fixing. Can you give me names of people who will come to my house and repair mine? I live in the Lisbon/Lewiston-Auburn area.

— Linda, no town

ANSWER: Here’s what I have in the infamous Rolodex: Rohman Clockworks at 350 Minot Ave. in Auburn (784-1211), Harry Hepburn in Harrison (583-2821), and Ken Rice of Tic-n-Time on Route 302 in North Windham (892-1263).

As I wrote in the Dec. 20 Sun Spots, Rohman Clockworks and Harry Hepburn make house calls. Harry also has drop-off and pickup spots for smaller clocks in Gray, Wiscasset and Windham if you can’t get to his shop in Harrison. He says he has been repairing clocks since 1968 and is the president of the Maine Chapter of the National Watch & Clock Association. Readers, if you know of anyone else, please write in!

 DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m suggesting to other Mainers that we attack the coronavirus issue with prayers and seeds. All it takes is a little dirt and seeds to help us through a temporary disruption in food flow, which is a possibility.

Let’s get to work and get the early seedlings started to help ourselves, as well as our brothers and sisters and food pantries. If you don’t have any experience growing veggies, ask an older person — their knowledge is incredible!

— No name, Lewiston

 ANSWER: Prayer and seeds; I like it. Our elders have a great deal of collective wisdom.

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