AREA —The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has changed many peoples daily routines. From business and school closures, to being told to social distance, people all over have had to make adjustments to their everyday lives. Listed below are some ways area residents are passing time amid the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Ainsley Brown and her friend take a selfie.

“Since we are home to protect ourselves from COVID-19, I am choosing to take this time to be as productive as I can. For day one out of school, I cleaned my room and prepared for remote instruction. I’m having friends over to work on scholarship applications and so that we can support each other in this hectic time,” — Ainsley Brown, Telstar High School Senior

Due to the school closure, I have been working from home as well as taking care of my one-year-old since her daycare closes this week until further notice. It’s both a blessing and challenge especially this time of uncertainty and heightened anxiety, but I’m glad to have her home with me. I am working diligently with my agency (community concepts) and school district team to develop a plan of learning continuity to pass on to our students. I have been connecting with families to find out any immediate needs, such as food, since many depend on school meals throughout the week. I am staying busy and suspect I will not have trouble finding ways to bide my time when I am not working. I will be social distancing while still getting outside as much as possible and continuing my regular routine. Staying positive and healthy is my top priority,” — Alex Edmunds, Community Concepts Head Start Teacher.

“Our goal is to keep our customers and employees safe, so we can continue to provide the community with products they need for their daily lives during this trying time. For the immediate future, we are staying open, although we have reduced our hours and are offering sanitizing surfaces like crazy and are monitoring the situation,” — Jessica Badone, Bethel Beverage Company.

“We’re taking advantage of this time to work on things around the house and do things we enjoy that we usually don’t have the time to do. We’ve been embracing this extra time with our daughters, and have been keeping up with our four-year-old’s preschool routines. We’ve also had lots of good conversations about why it’s important to stay home during this time, and have been checking in regularly with our older relatives,” — Sam Mallory, Bethel.

Mallory’s daughter, Maeve, hard at work. submitted image

“Since there has been no school, I’ve been waiting for updates on how school will continue online, and been doing anything to get time to go around faster. Normally school occupies most of my day for five days a week, but now I’ve been catching up on chores, any work I have to do, and finding new shows to watch,” — Cain Shatzer, Bethel Maine

At this point not much is different. I know it’s coming and it seems that we are all doing our part. As of now, not much has changed with the work we do. I am not sure it will affect us much. Wash your hands, try not to touch your face. I do hope that people stop hoarding things. We live in a great community and all you have to do is look around to see it,” — Fred Johnson, Contractor, Woodstock


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