How do I describe Clarkie’s 4th Annual Pig Roast?  Well, it was a simpler time. Back when groups could gather with no fear or stress and kids were happy to have a day off of school and yes, it was only a few weeks ago.

I wouldn’t even bring it up, but what a difference a day or a week has made to so many people, and whereas I usually start off my articles happy to have a group of over a hundred get together, I couldn’t ignore that such a large gathering sounds different now.

However, on the upside, I was so glad I was there for one of the season’s last big hurrahs!

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

As it was the perfect sunny and crisp day for snowmobiling, and for many one of the last weekends to enjoy the benefits of the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobiling Clubs’s vast and beautifully groomed trail system, many dozens came by snowmobile. However, many people, including myself, also came by car, as it was just off Route 4 and really easy to get to.

Hosted by the Allen Family, with all donations to benefit the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club’s (RLSC) groomer barn and groomer maintenance, it was a day accurately advertised as “A day of good old-fashion fun!”

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

It really was such a great crowd pleaser. Children and adults were able to enjoy a great feast of roasted pig, brisket, homemade fries, and a slew of other sides and desserts that were made by not only the Allen family but also donated by businesses and individual fans of the RLSC.

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Attendees were entertained with an outdoor concert with the lively music of the Juke Joint Devils, an old school Jump and Swing blues band that was the perfect accompaniment to the festive event. In addition, mostly children, but some brave adults as well, were continuously amused by taking a tube down “Clarkie’s Run” a creation of snow and ice that must have been no small feat to create.

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

In between eating and tubing, groups partied around a great big bonfire. All of this was amid the picturesque Maine winter setting of snow covered rolling hills and the peaceful tranquility of the countryside. Well, maybe not that peaceful. It was, after all, a group of snowmobilers!

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

The event all started four years ago and it just keeps on growing. RLSC Vice President Mary Brey recalled, “Tim came to me like 4 ½ years ago and said, I have this idea, and I’d like to do it in my dad’s honor, and we’ll give the money to the club, and I’m like, are you kidding me? So the first year we did it, it was such a success, and every year it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Clark Allen, previous President of the RLSC and long time trail master, who passed away five years ago, was such a big part of the club for so long that it is no wonder his memory is still living on in such a positive way. When he created the groomer barn years ago, he wanted the groomers to have a nice place of their own where they could warm up and recuperate.

How wonderful that the Allen family is continuing to combine their love for snowmobiling and family in this way. Tim Allen, “When I grew up and I snowmobiled, we always had outings, cook-outs, so I try to go back to the old roots, families.”

Generous hosts Tim Allen and his wife Donna. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Speaking of families, biological or otherwise, here is the Shout Out List:

Tim’s Family: Donna Allen, Debby Boothby, Bob Allen and the ladies that ran the food line with Debby and Donna, Nancy Caron and Judy Gallant.

Thanks also to the business donations from:

Tim Allen Construction, Inc., Rangeley Saddleback Inn, Rangeley IGA, 45th Parallel, Oquossoc Country Suites, Moose Alley, The Hungry Trout, Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply, Forks in the Air, Oquossoc Grocery, Blue Flame Gas, Dom’s Auto, Boss Power Equipment, Rangeley Fire Dept., Rowe Transport, Brackett’s Pumping and Portable Toilet Service, and Baystate Concrete Construction/Zukowski Family.

Thank you to the individual’s donations by:

Mo & Steve Gillis, John & Jet Gillis, Mike & April Henderson, Linda Henderson & Family, Jeremy Kelley & Crew, Jeff & Barbara Martin, Rusty Shorey, Dana & Linda Jensen, Margaret White, Holly & Tim, John Lewis, Tiger Sikes, Josh Engle, Parker Thorndike, Steven & Wanda Renauld and the Allen’s neighbors and friends for all of their support.

This event raised a whopping $6,342! Pretty great for a little old-fashioned pig roast! See you next year!


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

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