People have come under a strong delusion that marijuana use, of any kind, is good. The term medical marijuana is, in itself, an oxymoron which has led to complete legalization. The following organizations need to weigh in with the full force of their knowledge and experience against legalization:

• American Medical Association;
• American Nurses Association;
• Maine Hospital Association;
• Maine Medical Association;
• Maine Osteopathic Association;
• Maine Pharmacy Association;
• Maine Public Health Association … and others.

Those organizations were instrumental in steering the public away from virtual repeal of existing vaccination laws under Question 1 recently and I applaud their passion for risks to our collective health.

If they simply stand by, people will continue to reap the consequences of legalized marijuana unless, or until, another people’s veto wins the day, rescuing our children and adults — especially those with developmental delays who have fallen under its spell.

Curtis Cole, Norway

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