I recognize that a newspaper needs to report news honestly and fairly and that if it carries opinion columnists it should print writers who present the issues from different angles and sides, and yet, I believe that it was irresponsible of the Sun Journal to print Marc Thiessen’s racist column (March 20).

I am not shocked when our racist sociopathic president calls the coronavirus the “Chinese virus.” I am disgusted when my local paper reinforces the president’s racism with Thiessen’s racism.

A crisis like the one we are experiencing can bring out the best in us — like the good people from the school district out in the cold distributing food at different locations. And those dedicated front-line people supporting us all by going to work at the local food store, the hospital, the nursing home and the many who are providing important public services.

The worst of us, like Sens. Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, James Inhofe and Kelly Loeffler, take advantage of the crisis to enrich themselves. Racists like Trump and Thiessen use it to further divide us.

May the best of us carry the day.

Joe Sirois, Rumford

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