We need facts at this crucial time. Instead we get an hour every day of the president standing at his podium sprewing criticisms of past leaders and falsehoods, blaming everyone else for his inadequacies.

I want to see Dr. Anthony Fauci in front of the camera, alone, telling us the truth about this dire situation and what is really happening.

The sight of the president firing up his base at our expense is not needed at this time and the bobbleheads who crowd into the camera lens behind him should be behind the curtain, standing six feet apart practicing social distancing.

We don’t need Pollyanna loudly telling us lies about new medications that are here now or soon.

I believe the experts and we need to know the truth. Now is time for truth, compassion and empathy, not lies.

In Maine, we hear from Dr. Nirav Shah once a day. He tells the truth and I am confident Maine is in good hands.

Carole Richards, Livermore

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