I wonder why we have been so good at building better mousetraps and so poor at building better people.

Industry has created true marvels. However, it has also caused pollution, climate change and warfare.

It’s clear to me that improving people has become an alarming necessity. The way we raise our children exposes them to high levels of stress that affects their entire lives.

People’s lives are filled with chronic stress and unyielding fear. Those emotions during pregnancy are damaging to natural construction of the brain’s architecture, causing reduction in intelligence and the immune system.

The truth is that healthy brain development requires attachment to a consistent person. Child rearing in a stable environment produces better people. Poverty and war impact child development negatively.

Many parents have beliefs that violate their children’s fundamental needs. Education in child development would help. Peaceful governments would help.

The time to conceptualize the possibility of improving humanity is now — at the peak of one of our greatest examples of self-destructive behaviors.

Hubert Kauffman, Oxford

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