I was very disappointed when I first learned that the Auburn Public Library was closing to the public because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Then I learned that library staff had come up with an effective plan to maintain lending services safely in a very limited and practical manner that did not include person-to-person physical contact. Certainly that plan was as safe as mail delivery that continues at this time.

“Essential” is an arbitrary term that can differ in definition from one person to another. I am an avid reader. I subscribe to three newspapers plus read multiple books a week  A book is an essential nutrient to this disabled senior citizen and is as important to me and my well-being as the charitable box lunches I have seen being delivered to other senior citizens.

Kudos to the library staff for their sincere attempt to maintain an essential service to its grateful patrons. Groans to those who felt that they needed to disrupt a valued public service.

If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

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