WEST PARIS — West Parish Congregational Church is ringing its bell every day at noon as a call to take a moment to send prayers – care and love – to all those locally, nationally and around the world who are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

Churches have been ringing bells for various occasions since the Middle Ages. They originally noted the hours for prayers, and served as warning bells for fires, floods or enemies. Since then they have also been a symbol of celebration ringing out as newlywed couples leave the church. Many feel the sound of the bells is uplifting, and brings them hope. The West Parish Congregational Church wishes to bring hope to these times. It asks that you join in .

Hear the bells, take a moment.

Ring your own bell – give someone a ring on the phone.

Let those hurting know no one is alone.

We care—there are many here ready to help.

Contact West Parish Congregational Church at 207-824-2689 if we can help.

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