DEAR SUN SPOTS: I purchased a homemade mask kit from Fabric Warehouse and am sewing them up. What organizations in the Lewiston-Auburn area wants them? There have been so many articles circulating about the efficacy of using them, but apparently they can be used in combination with other precautions, or at least as a last resort. Thanks for checking this out for those of us who want to help!

— Susan, no town

ANSWER: In the March 23 edition of the Sun Journal, Andrew Rice wrote an article that included suggestions on where these homemade masks can be donated. Go online to

The list includes area Central Maine Medical Center in the heading. Nursing homes, first responders, and other caregivers can use them. Readers, if you have specific ideas of where the masks can be donated, please let us know.

Although these cloth masks aren’t totally ideal, in a hospital setting, they can be used over N95 medical masks to help them last longer. And they are better than having no barrier at all.

Besides donating them to health care facilities and those who are working with the public, you’ll also want to have some for yourself, and for friends and family.

Now listen up, Sun Spotters, just because you have a mask on doesn’t mean you’re free to roam around the planet. As this March 23 articles states, “Maine people should not expect homemade masks to serve as adequate protection against getting a virus. A mask is not a substitute for proper virus control through physical distancing.” Gov. Janet Mills is telling people to stay home.

Except for walking and exercising in your own neighborhoods while keeping a safe distance from others, only go out for your medical and essential supply needs.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have walked Whitman Spring Road on the west side of Lake Auburn numerous times, but have never seen evidence of a spring.  Does anyone know if there ever was a public spring in that area?

— Dave, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read Mark LaFlamme’s story about Sun Spots (March 22). Thank   you so much! The column is an amazing source of information. What is so enjoyable for some of us “elders” is that Sun Spots offers advice and information on an array of topics, thus sparing us nontechnical types the hardship and effort of navigating the world of electronics. Yes, I use a computer, but I really like reading the paper, holding it, and folding it, and using it in various ways when we’re through with it!

Sun Spots is often the first choice of reading material for the day! Thank you, Sun Journal, and Mrs. Sun Spots. Now, more than ever, we need the “paper connection.”

— Annette, no town

ANSWER: Thank you so much for your beautiful handwritten letter, Annette. It was sweet of you. I love what I do and truly believe in print media.. I so appreciate everyone in Sun Spots Land and pray for your good health. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for me to add further value to Sun Spots, I’m open to your ideas. God bless!

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