This is a time of concern and loneliness for many people, and the BANR-19 team (Bethel Area Neighborhood Response to COVID-19) is eager to help. We have lots of volunteers who would love to call people just to touch base. Do you know someone who’s going crazy without all their normal distractions – or who is worried about these frightening times – or who is not sure which stores are still open in town – or who knows they shouldn’t leave the house but needs to pick up their medicine? We can help! Contact information below.

The Bethel Food Pantry (824-0369) is open on the first Wednesday of each month, 9:00 am-6:00 pm; other Wednesdays noon-2:00 pm. Clients should drive up and stay in their vehicle as food is loaded by volunteers.

SAD 44 delivers meals to Sudbury Village, Bethel House, and Bethel Park residents. They also provide meals not only for area students, but also for adults, from 10:00 am-noon and 5:00-7:00 pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Crescent Park, Woodstock, and Telstar High Schools. Thanks to SAD 44, the Sunday River Brew Pub, the Good Food Store, the Sunday River Resort, and other contributing restaurants!

Important contacts:

The Centers for Disease Control for the best information on the virus and appropriate responding behaviors ( or call 211).

AARP for helpful information on COVID-19 and related issues like financial implications (

The Bethel Family Health Center, if you are sick or have health-related questions (207-824-2193).

BANR-19 volunteers to pick up and deliver groceries and supplies, pick up food at the Food Pantry, and call neighbors to check in or say hello (email [email protected] or call 207-370-2520).

SAD 44 Superintendent, Dr. Murphy for meal deliveries ([email protected] or 207-824-2185).

The Chamber of Commerce’s website for services in the community – both commercial like stores, and other services like the Food Pantry and other provided meals (

The West Parish Congregational Church for emergency food boxes that provide a 3-day supply of food for an individual or family (207-824-2689).

Donations to all the above causes may be mailed to MSAD 44, 1 Parkway, Suite 204, Bethel, ME 04217. This clearinghouse will assure that money gets distributed to all contributing organizations and establishments. Donors may designate money for a specific cause.

The wonderful Mr. Rogers used to say to his young audiences, “In a crisis, look for the helpers.” That’s comforting advice, but maybe there should be an addendum for adults: “In tough times, try to BE a helper.”

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