LeGaults 1888 wedding barn. Bethel Citizen photo by Samuel Wheeler

BETHEL — Paul LeGault, who owns 1888 Wedding Barn on Mayville Road in Bethel, expressed concerns about work happening near his business at Monday’s select board meeting.

LeGault said one of his main worries was that the work could eventually disrupt the flow of his business and that he is unsure as of now, if the owners, Brenda and Carl Blond, have any technological or feasible plan.

“It continues to impact my business because we have certain things that are not complete, it’s kind of a private nuisance next door to me,” LeGault said of the work.

The work has been going on for a couple of years, according to LeGault.

Code Enforcement Officer Toby Walker said permits for all the Blond’s buildings had been approved by the CEO prior to him.

Walker said he reissued the permits when he took over as CEO.

”We are renovating this home to commercial standards to leave it to our children and secure our investment here,” owner Brenda Blond said. “It is our private home and we have a five-year building permit.”

The contractor working on the Blond’s property has been working on and off for them, when other work has allowed him to do so, according to Walker.

Blond said that her and her husband, Carl Blond, may decide to open a business at the property once he retires.

“We have not yet applied to have a business, because we don’t intend at this point to have one,” Brenda said.

Walker said that the site could not be considered a business until the “day they put out a sign.”

LeGault also had concerns about the dumpsters and porta potties on the property.

Walker said that since it’s not a commercial business the dumpsters and porta potties are not required to be screened.

Walker also said that LeGault’s other concerns, which were about flooding, are considered a civil issue that does not involve the town.

“I get you loud and clear. I understand that they are not pursuing a business,” LeGault said.

However, LeGault said he plans to pursue his flooding concerns with the property.

“I have some serious concerns. She has built up her property to standards that are not called for,” he said. She had no erosion or sedimentation control plan.”

LeGault said he has pictures associated with the flooding.

Another concern of LeGault’s was the fact that he claims the IRS-acquired property of the Blonds nearby where they are now. LeGault said he believed it was taken for about $370,000.

“I’m worried that we might run into a situation where we have a property doesn’t get completed over the course of 10-20 years. They came and took a lot of money from her for back taxes,” LeGault said.

“Does the town want to create financial exposure? Where I go to the courts and I file complaints and grievances that you did not do due diligence on this whole matter.”

“You are not correct, that’s all I have to say,” Brenda said.

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