DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to know any information regarding the start of programs this season at Sawyer Memorial in Greene. Usually information is available before now. Thanks for all you do.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: Although we all remain hopeful, the repercussions from this pandemic could last for many weeks to come. It makes it so difficult to plan anything. The voice mail message at Araxine Wilkins Sawyer Foundation states that they will return in May and their website at has not been updated. Try to contact them toward the end of April when, hopefully, we’ll all know more about how to proceed as we take steps to come out of this challenging time. You can reach the foundation at 207-946-5311 or [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My sister knows I have some unused postcards from past trips, so she sent me this link she read last week. Rather than saving or collecting the cards, they are used to bring comfort and connection to children.

The article: BELFAST (BDN) – “Patricia Estabrook, the founding co-director of The Game Loft in Belfast, knows that many of the youth served by her nonprofit could really benefit from a message of hope during this time of upheaval and stress.

Rather than a phone call or an email, she is trying something different — she wants to send each of the 250 young people on the organization’s mailing list a postcard at least once a week. It is a simple thing, she said, but could have an outsized impact.

“I’m trying to get everyone to send a postcard to a kid,” she said. “I’m sending jokes. I’m writing riddles and other appropriate and very short jokes to kids. The idea of just having a little laugh, and knowing that something is coming in the mail to you, is a little sign of hope.”

I have also been sending my cards to elderly relatives, friends and grandchildren. Since none of us can travel, it is a nice way to reminisce and talk about traveling.

— Cathy, no town

ANSWER: The Sun Spots column mention of an old postcard collection may have prompted this reader to write. I love this idea! I actually just sent a puffin postcard to my two young grandchildren who are sequestered on a Maine island with their parents.

Besides sending postcards, this is a perfect time to renew the fine art of letter-writing. When cleaning out my desk drawers (because I finally have time to) I discovered a treasure trove of greeting cards, stationery and stamps. Every evening I take a few minutes to write one out to someone. I sit with the card in front of me and just write to whoever comes to mind. It has really helped me feel better knowing that in a few days, a loved one will have a note in their mailbox.

Writing notes to healthcare workers, store clerks, and all the other heroes out there who are working to keep things running is a good idea, too.

I hope all Sun Spots readers who are able will consider taking a few moments to write to someone. Your handwritten note could be the brightest spot of someone’s day.

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