Before the virus hit, President Trump and his minions were incompetent and a joke. I would laugh at the ridiculous behavior and language that Trump would exhibit at his rallies.

His lies, greed, immaturity and lack of empathy were unbelievable and I look forward to the election in November so he can be removed from office once and for all.

Now that we are in the midst of a scourge, it has become a serious matter. He cannot pass the blame onto others. He has been president for more than three years and had he paid more attention to doing his job we wouldn’t be in dire straits today. His dereliction of duty is criminal and he should be held responsible. Until the virus affects one of the family members of his inner circle, he will not realize the repercussions of the virus.

The pandemic will not be over quickly and this country might never recover from it.

The one thing paramount to Trump and his cronies is the stock market. We need a real leader in these times and we don’t have one.

One of the items that Trump is determined to accomplish is the ruination of the U.S. Postal System. In times like this, the Postal System is a lifeline for so many people and all because Trump does not like Amazon.

Our lives could be forever changed and not for the better.

May God bless America and bless all of us — we’re going to need it.

Gail Beaucage, Lewiston

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