To The Editor:

In years past, the Bethel Conservation Commission has sponsored a Green Up Day on the first Saturday in May. On Green Up Day, local residents gather to pick up trash along our roadsides; last year we had a remarkable 48 participants out there working side by side to help beautify our town. We will not be able to gather this year, but that doesn’t mean Bethel can’t be cleaned up. Because the town relies 100% on volunteers to keep our roads, trails and waterways clean, The Conservation Commission asks that everyone do their little part individually during this time of social distancing and the result can be the same or even better than in years past. It is a great opportunity for families to get out of the house, get fresh air and help make our town better and stronger.

Bethel Green Up 2020 will happen between Earth Day, April 22nd (50th Anniversary) and May 2nd (the usual Green Up Day). Please choose a stretch of road near your home or along Rt. 26, Rt. 2, Intervale Rd., Songo Pond Rd., North Rd., or the Bethel Parkway to clean-up. These roads tend to be locations with a great deal of litter. Carry plenty of bags with you and make sure to wear gloves, sturdy shoes and bright colored clothing.

We would love to know how much trash is gathered. If you can weigh your bags and/or take photos of what you collect, we will tally the work completed. Also, “Before and After” photos would be greatly appreciated. Please share them with the Bethel Conservation Commission on our Facebook page ( or text your photos to 207-807-7505. We will celebrate the work accomplished with a collage of photos to be shared on social media and the newspaper. Woodstock and Greenwood will also be hosting Green Up Days in the same time frame.

Along the same lines of keeping our village clean, beautiful, safe and healthy, please remember to clean up after your dogs when you take them for a walk. The town has kindly provided dog bag dispensaries at the following locations to make it easy for everyone to pick up after their dog: The Bethel Common, Corner of Broad & Paradise, Corner of Paradise & Eden, Main St. near Crockett & Wright Office, Bethel Kitchen Design and near the clock, each end of Davis Park, and at the bottom of Church St. across from the Gould Field House. Once the bag is filled, please carry it to a trash receptacle and do not leave it on the street.

The Bethel Conservation Commission would very much welcome 2-3 new members. We need more members in order to take any action on town matters. Our charge is to carry out activities and serve as the advisory body for the protection, development and use of natural resources located within the corporate boundaries of Bethel. You must be a registered voter in the Town of Bethel to apply for the position. Please download a Committee Appointment Form at and then mail it to the town office. It is a great way to serve your town and give back to the community and it is not a huge time commitment.

Sarah Southam

Sarah Weafer

Bethel Conservation Commission

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