DEAR SUN SPOTS: May I make a suggestion? Many services and small businesses are impacted by the corona virus. If you can afford to do so, consider paying your favorite barber or stylist for the service that they had to cancel during the month of April. It’s an investment in all of our futures. We are all in this together and hopefully in May they will reopen and we’ll all be looking mighty fine again. FYI, I’m not a stylist or barber, but I’ll surely need one in May!

— No name, no town

ANSWER: I totally agree. Think about all the people who have served you so well over the years and see what you can do to support them during this scary, trying time. I would love it if you share your suggestions and stories here at Sun Spots. It will keep us inspired and bolstered up!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have cases of the jars Linda would like and would be happy to give them to her because I don’t can anymore. I’m happy that someone wants to can nowadays.  I love your column!

— Margaret, Turner

ANSWER: I will get these two Turner ladies together! Sun Spots readers are so helpful.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This is in response to the April 9 Sun Spots regarding Marjorie looking for a walker with large pneumatic wheels. I have a walker called an Afari by Mobility Technologies. It’s a three-wheeled walking bike that I’ve had going on four years now. Due to my strokes and my balance issues it has helped me go all over where I couldn’t before. She can contact Ryan Beaumont at [email protected] or call 735-6181 in Brunswick.

— Larry, no town

ANSWER: To take a peek at this impressive piece of equipment, visit the website at

DEAR SUNSPOTS: I keep getting phone calls and letters daily concerning the warranty on my vehicle. I have not had a vehicle for over a year and my neighbor who hasn’t had a vehicle for 15 years is receiving these calls as well. My family from Colorado gets them, too. Could you please let us know how to get rid of this annoyance? I press the number telling them no, but still no luck. They continue on. Please help by letting us know how to get rid of this mess.

— Jeanne, no town

ANSWER: It’s a pain, but the easiest thing you can do is to not answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. If it’s important, the caller will leave a message and you can call them back after you have screened it. By hitting the “no” prompt or even simply just picking up the receiver, you are signaling to the robocall that your phone number is viable.

If you have a cellphone, block the numbers each and every time. If you have a landline, are you on the Do Not Call List? You can sign up at or by calling 1-888-382-1222. This may help but it takes a while.

Friends, I’m afraid that scammers and robocalls of all types are going to continue to worsen over the coming months. I have more information to share to help protect you in the days ahead.

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