$16,650: Cost of the Washuk-Zaccaro’s solar panels after the federal tax credit ($22,000 without the credit).

$12: Projected monthly electricity bill, down from a monthly average of $100. (The $12 is actually not for electricity, but the charge for being able to connect to the “grid” and its benefits.)

16 years: Projected payback time.

30 years: Projected life of the solar panels.

7,452 kilowatts: The amount of electricity produced by the Washuk-Zaccaro’s panels annually. (Efficiency reduces over time.)

7,847 pounds: The amount of carbon pollution reduced annually by the Washuk-Zaccaro’s panels. (Efficiency reduces over time.)

26%: The federal government tax credit through 2020 for solar and geothermal projects. Tax credit dips to 22% in 2021, and without congressional action will end after that.

For more information, including a list of registered solar installers, visit the Efficiency Maine website.

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