While Donald Trump goes on scathing tangents during his daily “press conferences,” eerily similar to his rallies, state leaders such as Sara Gideon are passing legislation assisting Mainers to overcome this uncertain time.

Gideon helped pass an emergency relief package including $1 million for COVID-19 testing and $15 million supporting direct health care providers to continue caring for Maine seniors, people with disabilities and children with behavioral health needs.

President Trump is pushing to end social distancing early, putting people’s health in danger. Gideon is for Mainers’ health and safety by sticking up for BIW workers being required to work in unsafe conditions, thereby vulnerable to getting sick.

Today, Gideon listens to concerns of Mainers through virtual town halls, provides resources and guidance and advocates for solutions to the challenges Mainers face.

It’s time that Maine has a leader like Sara Gideon in Washington.

Krishan Verma, Lewiston

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