2019-20 Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient Leonard Kimble and YMCA Sports Coordinator Ally Kennedy.  Submitted photo

Here are awards from the 2019-2020 YMCA Biddy Basketball ceremony.

The YMCA’s Outstanding Volunteer Award is named after William J. Hood who was an exemplary youth leader in the Auburn-Lewiston community. Hood played at the YMCA as a youngster in the church league through the 1940s. He continued to be committed to the YMCA’s Biddy Basketball program as a coach, sponsor, donor and mentor until he died in 1985. This award is given in honor of the positive impact he made and his commitment to the Y’s Biddy Basketball program, and area youth.

This year’s recipient, Leonard Kimble, coached at multiple levels in the Biddy Basketball program over the past four years. He coached in-house teams, assisted with travel basketball, and spent countless hours over many weekends officiating games and assisting at the scorer’s table.

To Kimble, winning is secondary. What is most important is helping kids improve their skills, build self-confidence, achieve success and build the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork.


This award is given to the player in each division that exemplifies and demonstrates the qualities of great sportsmanship.

2019-20 Junior Divisional Sportsmanship Award winner: David Clarke.

Award nominees: Kyle Fish, Max Kimble, Kai Taylor, Akol Maiwen, Jayden Sands, Cedric Makelele, Ella Beaudoin, Jenna Shea, Hope Fontaine, Chloe LaPrell, Piper Croteau, Chloe Croteau, Isabelle Merrill and Carson Veilleux.

2019-20 Rookie Divisional Sportsmanship Award winner: Ronan Marshall.

Award nominees: Carter Belanger, Andres “Sito” Elias, Ian Rausch, Imad Abdullahi, Peyton Fournier, Daunte Clark, Jamison Adams, Benjamin Berry, Adam Landry, Ethan Bolduc, Jacob Seger, Sydney Mooney, Ava Belknap, and Declan Warden, Natalie Higgins and Caelan Warden.

2019-20 Pee Wee Divisional Sportsmanship Award winner: Camden Welch.

Award nominees: Joey Moya, Derrick Seger, Liam Jones, Elijah St. Hilare-Jordan, Logan Stout, Amarius Hammond, Ashton Sullivan, Nathan Connor, Elliot Blais, Kewito Castigo, Julian Barajas, Landon Farrell, Cameron Daigle, Joshua Hawkins, Emily Poulin, Elizabeth Galway, and Charlotte Ranger, Maximus Fontaine, Analiese Landry, Benjamin LaPrell, Zenon Marris, Leland Maxim, Sean Nadeau, Ellen Shea and Corbin Williamson.


Junior Division (fifth and sixth grades): Breau’s Too: Mackenzie Bryant; Northstar Mortgage: Landon Knowlton; M & P Used Auto Parts: Ella Beaudoin; The River Comics: Jayden Sands; Elscott Manufacturing, LLC: Kai Taylor; Bare Bones Construction: Kyle Fish; BGA Financial: Akol Maiwen; Ben Alpren Machine Tool & Supply: Chloe Croteau.

Pee Wee Division (third and fourth grades): Platz Associates: Amarius Hammond; Austin Associates: Derrick Seger; Dunkin’ Donuts (Lisbon St.): Gabriel Zielinski; Northstar Mortgage: Sienna Cifelli; Pat’s Pizza: Hailey Cheever; Hahnel Bros.: Analiese Landry; Auburn Family Dental: Kewito Castigo; Gee & Bee Sporting Goods: Sofia Bennett; Androscoggin Title: Logan Stout; Rick’s Swimming Pools: Elizabeth Galway; Androscoggin Bank: Vaughn McKay.

Rookies Division (first and second grades): Emerson Chevrolet Buick: Ronan Marshall; Leary & DeTroy: Peyton Belknap; Hammond Lumber: Bryson Lamarche; Pine State Pest Solutions: Carter Belanger; Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli: Jacob Seger; Roopers: Lincoln Tardy; Bare Bones Construction: Andres “Sito” Elias; Dunkin’ Donuts (Lisbon St.): Benjamin Berry.


Junior Division (fifth and sixth grades): Breau’s Too: Hannah Labbe; Northstar Mortgage: Baron MacCarthy; M & P Used Auto Parts: Cash Thomas; The River Comics: Tessa Douglass; Elscott Manufacturing, LLC: Charlotte Grenier; Bare Bones Construction: Rebekah Moya; BGA Financial: Kellen Anthoine; Ben Alpren Machine Tool & Supply: Emily Dunbar.

Pee Wee Division (third and fourth grades): Platz Associates: Payson Pollock; Austin Associates: Lucas Fowler; Dunkin’ Donuts (Lisbon St.): Ian McKay; Northstar Mortgage: Brady Guay; Pat’s Pizza: Will Turner; Hahnel Bros.: Ian Sommers; Auburn Family Dental: Ella Perreault; Gee & Bee Sporting Goods: Dominic Langelier; Androscoggin Title: Lyra Steidel; Rick’s Swimming Pools: Cameron Hughes; Androscoggin Bank: Joshua Hawkins.

Rookies Division (first and second grades): Emerson Chevrolet Buick: Egan Gould; Leary & DeTroy: Bronson Richardson; Hammond Lumber: Sydney Mooney; Pine State Pest Solutions: Daunte Clark; Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli: Blake Boulanger; Roopers: Logan Page; Bare Bones Construction: Malik Marafa; Dunkin’ Donuts (Lisbon St.): Carter Gagnon.


In conjunction with honoring her husband, the late William J. Hood, Jeanne Hood and her family have continued to support the Y’s Biddy Basketball program for almost 50 years. They established and continue to carry on the tradition of providing basketballs to all first-year players in the YMCA Biddy Basketball program. The past three years YMCA has averaged more than 60 basketballs given to first-year players in the program. The YMCA thanks Jeanne Hood and her family for their continued support and overwhelming generosity.

To see photos of the Biddy Basketball ceremonies, please visit: https://www.alymca.org/youth-sports/basketball.

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