To the Editor:

The current Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated how much we all need to rely on strong, informed, and caring government. When we emerge from this crisis we will need state and local leaders who will help us rebuild our community life. More than ever, we will need leaders who will listen and will hear all voices. Katey Branch, who is running for Senate District 19, is just such a candidate.

Katey knows, as we now all know, that we need State government to work with and for us. As an educator, a facilitator, and a small business owner, Katey knows how to have respectful conversations with all people about issues we all care about…health care, education, our beloved Maine environment.

She has worked with a wide variety of people …all ages, classes, and political perspectives and she values diversity and the independence that is unique to Maine.

Our next chapter will be written by leaders like Katey Branch. Please support her for Maine Senate District 19.

Joan Beal

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