As a lifelong Mainer I have learned that snow should be expected in April, especially early April. That is why I cannot understand the wisdom in sweeping sidewalks or streets before at least April 15.

Once again I have experienced sidewalk sweepers going out in March to be followed by snowstorms that require plowing/sanding. As usual, since the sand has not been picked up, quite a bit of it that was removed from the sidewalks is plowed back onto them.

This week, I saw street sweepers sweeping some of those areas (Sabattus Street) with sand on the sidewalks. Now, as a pedestrian, I probably will have to deal with walking on sand for the rest of the year or having my taxpayer money wasted by sweeping the sidewalks and streets again.

In the future, I strongly recommend refraining from any type of sweeping until after April 15. If public works is having issues finding jobs for personnel to do before that time, I suggest having them pick up trash that so many inconsiderate people discard on our streets; or they could be repairing sidewalk berms that the plows damage, etc.

Jason Lowit, Lewiston

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