Some of this year’s hardy, enthusiastic and inspiring young volunteers helping with the Otisfield Conservation Committee’s roadside clean-up. The children “doing their part” on the Bean Road are the grandchildren of Laura and Richard Bean Jr.

OTISFIELD — Area residents looking for ways to be productive and occupied while staying at home due to the virus are invited to join in picking up litter along the roads in Otisfield. The Conservation Committee made it an annual event that was scheduled this year for a day in May. However, the event was cancelled because of the present need for social distancing. Instead, a Facebook page was created, called Otisfield Roadside Clean-Up. Townspeople are asked to join the Facebook page and post pictures of their efforts helping to keep our community clean and beautiful. It can be a solo or family activity, without risk of catching “the virus.” It’s also “win-win” and a great way to introduce others, children and grandchildren, to responsible citizenship.

People can adopt a section of road near their home and continue to police it of discarded cans, bottles, fast food cups and bags, etc. Done that way, the mess never gets out of hand. Spring is a great time to do this as soon it will be hotter and buggier. Stay safe by walking facing traffic, and wear boots, gloves and bright clothing.

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