Some countries — and U.S. states — are shifting their focus away from stay-at-home measures and toward fixing ravaged economies. But some worry that prematurely lifting restrictions could spark a resurgence in coronavirus infections. For many it’s the most agonizing of delicate balancing acts imaginable.

Perhaps less so in Georgia, where reopening in the U.S. state is set to continue apace with restaurants and movie theaters, as more restrictions against the coronavirus are loosened in the big U.S. southern state. An earlier easing saw many establishments gratefully opened their doors after a monthlong closure, but others didn’t feel ready yet and remained shuttered. A similar mixed response is expected from the businesses allowed to reopen today.


Stocks around the world rose Monday as governments prepare to gradually lift restrictions they imposed on businesses to slow the sweep of the coronavirus pandemic.

— The novel coronavirus has sickened thousands of America’s first responders and killed dozens more. But many have recovered, and they’re going back to work — back to the crime scene, back into the ambulance, back to the jail.

Americans’ support for mail-in voting has jumped amid concerns about the safety of polling places during the coronavirus pandemic, but a wide partisan divide suggests President Donald Trump’s public campaign against vote by mail may be resonating with his Republican backers.

— The historic crash in oil prices in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is reverberating across the Middle East as crude-dependent countries scramble to offset losses from a key source of state revenue. The economies of all the Arab Gulf oil exporters are expected to contract this year.

— The Tokyo Olympics were postponed a month ago. But there are still more questions than answers about the new opening on July 23, 2021, and what form those games will take.

— Selling Girl Scout cookies is normally a foolproof business model, but the coronavirus outbreak cooled sales of for Alaska scouts. The Girl Scouts of Alaska looked for help and the group is expected to receive a federal recovery loan to help compensate for lost cookie sales.


0: The number of hospitalized patients in Wuhan, the city at the center of China’s coronavirus outbreak, after the last 12 were discharged Sunday.

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