Well, he has done it again and each time worse than the last. President Trump actually addressed a panel of medical experts to “look into” administering a harsh cleaning product by mouth or intravenously to treat the coronavirus. Has he ever read the warnings on the label? “If accidentally ingested call poison control immediately.”

He was quickly called on his “gaff” but then tried to weasel out by calling it “only sarcasm.” Even if it was “only sarcasm” it serves as very poor judgment in lieu of the intense suffering of the American and world-wide families.

The callous paper towel toss to flood victims was another of his “shining moments” that once again showcased his lack of empathy and intelligence. But to be so mindless and disengaged during these serious and tumultuous times of sickness and death is inconceivable.

America needs a leader with strength and compassion from whom people can find peace, reassurance and guidance, not some clown who finds humor in degrading the people he serves.

The only person who needs a toxic remedy is Trump himself, but of course, I am being sarcastic.

Suzanne Johnson, Buckfield

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