To the Editor:

When I returned home a month ago from New Mexico I was so pleased to see how seriously this community is taking the outbreak of the virus. What a relief.

I want to take a moment to thank the dedicated folks at the Bethel Healthcare Center, the IGA, The Bethel Animal Hospital (as well as other local businesses), for putting people first. We are ever so fortunate to live a community like this one.

Driving safely from New Mexico to Maine meant camping, using woods as bathroom, bringing food, and having no contact with people except at a distance in gas stations where we wore gloves.

I was deeply distressed to note in these places that people were not using protection of any kind. This behavior makes a powerful and frightening statement about the selfishness and indifference of so many Americans with regard to others. The recent eruption of protesters who want to re-open the economy at the expense of human lives also reflects the selfishness and casual indifference to the spread of this disease I witnessed during the trip.

So many people from friends like Kathy and Chris, Leslie, Toshi, postmistresses, and healthcare workers (for people and animals) have made this homecoming a time to give thanks.

Sara Wright

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