This is in response to the headline in this morning’s Sun Journal (April 29) which detailed how some Republicans are calling Gov. Janet Mills a “dictator.”

Gov. Mills has done an amazing job since she stepped into that position. For eight years we actually had a “dictator” in the State House named Paul LePage who vetoed everything Maine people voted for, and who refused to allow things to be brought to the people for a vote. That is what dictators do — just like the example in the White House.

Gov. Mills is doing her job to keep Mainers safe. Just look at what is happening in other states. So far, Maine is lucky. We have her to thank for that. She has shown intelligence in making decisions and listening to professionals, such as Dr. Shah.

We should all be thankful that we now have a governor whose goal is to take care of Maine and Maine residents.

Virginia Starbird, Leeds

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