Staying healthy at home sounds nice — unless you live with an abuser.

With schools closed, many children are not being educated. How many people are afraid to go to the doctor’s office? How many people with minor ailments are being denied treatments that would prevent a major health crisis? How many Maine residents can afford to stay home indefinitely without a paycheck?

We were told that we must stay home to “flatten the curve” so as not to overwhelm hospitals, and that 2 million Americans might die from coronavirus. It was implied that a ventilator shortage would result in many deaths. As I write this (figures are from April 29), there are 163 Maine hospital beds being occupied by coronavirus patients. Out of a population of 1,300,000, Maine had confirmed 1,040 cases.

The loss of life is always tragic. Maine has lost 51 people to coronavirus, but 585 people have recovered. Every person in need of a ventilator has been provided one.

The longer “stay healthy at home” continues, the more unintended consequences there will be. Gov. Janet Mills is sounding more like a dictator than an elected official. Shutting the state down indefinitely is a gross dereliction of duty. Mills’ use of the word “safe” is sounding more like “control” to me.

Coronavirus is going to be around for a while. It is unrealistic to think we can hide from it. The best we can do is to take reasonable precautions and get on with our lives. Common sense solutions will go a long way.

Catherine Ferrell, Greene

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