I got up this morning (May 1) and, while reading the Sun Journal letters to the editor, I came across a letter asking people not to call Gov. Janet Mills a dictator — which is exactly what she is trying to be.

Anyone with a head on their shoulders and looking at the facts would see that there have been 53 deaths out of 1.3 million people in this state (figures from April 30). That is .00004% of the population.

Every death is sad but what Mills is doing to the rest of Maine’s economy is disgraceful. Look what is happening to the young families who have lost their jobs and can’t pay for their mortgage, rent, food, electrical bills, etc.

If the governor truly believes she needs to do something, take precautions in the two or three counties that have the vast majority of the cases. Why are Aroostook, Piscataquis, Somerset, Franklin and Oxford counties closed when there are very few, if any, cases?

Like a good Democrat, it’s about control over the population. Only they know what’s good for the people.

Donald Dubuc, Minot

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