I think the time has come to let everyone have a say in the matter of protecting Mainers from the dangers of the COVID-19. Response to measures to control the pandemic have degraded to an “us against them” battle. Do we keep gathering places such as restaurants and bars open and the money flowing? Or do we cave to the minority and allow the risk of potential death take a back seat to common sense.

Put it to a nationwide ballot question.

Elected officials in Washington, D.C., have totally botched the response to the virus from the get-go. The president has been making decisions based on his gut feelings. As for scientific data? If it doesn’t align with President Trump’s way of thinking, it is not only ignored but the messengers are ridiculed and called names on public airwaves.

I already suffer from one life-altering disease. I have been fighting that condition for 16 years. I don’t need some preventable virus to attack and kill me now.

Frank Earley, Litchfield

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