100 Years Ago: 1920

When L.S. Guerwitz, proprietor of the New York Clothing Store, 19 Main St. learned of the death of Mr. Steinberg, owner of the Maine Clothing Co, at Skowhegan, he want up there, got in touch with the administrator of the estate and after some diiscussion succeeded in purchasing the entire stock  of clothing and furnishings paying only a fraction of a dollar of its value. They started then to take account of the stock and while going thru the boxes, Mr. Guerwitz found an old dusty shirt bag hidden on the shelves. Upon opening the same he found It to contain three thick rolls of greenbacks, in 10 and 20 dollar denominations, worth $7,280, also three one hundred dollar liberty bonds. It was quite a temptation but Mr. Guerwitz turned it over at once to the administrator who was quite astonished with the discovery and commended him upon his honesty. Guerwitz has moved the stock to his Main St. store and is offering it today to the Lewiston and Auburn public at a giant reduction.

50 Years Ago: 1970

A clean-up campaign has been scheduled tomorrow in the Lewiston downtown area by Bates College students as part of their three-day ‘positive protest’ against US. involvement in Cambodia and as well as the Kent State University tragedy earlier this week. Approximately 100 students have signed up for the clean-up campaign, and transportation for the students, and trucks for the hauling of trash, has been promised. The campaign will be in progress from 10 am. to 3 pm. Friday, along the entire lengths of Bates and Park Streets, Lewiston. Residents of this area may leave trash, and other unwanted items, on the sidewalk so the young people may pick them up and haul them away. Organizers of the campaign, Ted Cody and Jeff Tunis told the Journal that the clean-up program is being held with the cooperation of the Lewiston Public Works Department.

25 Years Ago: 1995

The L/A Children’s Chorus will present its second annual spring concert at 7:30 p.m. Friday, in Olin Arts Center Concert Hall, Bates College campus, Lewiston. The program will include classical music for treble voices and hand-bells as well as music from Broadway featuring selections ‘from “The Sound of Music” and the song “Memory” from “Cats.” The cost of admission is $6 for the general public, $4 for senior citizens and free for all students and children under the age 14.

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