The protests about reopening the economy are not adding anything constructive to solving the current situation. Using Nazi references and carrying weapons to a protest add nothing to the solution.

All I have read and seen are opposition to what is being done without presenting alternative proposals. It is not rational or safe to think we are going back to the way things were before the pandemic. There is no proven treatment or vaccine.

Health care workers have lost their lives trying to help patients. Many are living apart from their families to prevent bringing the illness to their loved ones. If any one of the protestors develop COVID-19, will they expect these folks to care for them?

No one wants the economy to stay closed. No state leader wants to have those they represent to be unemployed or have businesses close permanently. Nor do they want to see their citizens die.

I respectfully ask that legislators and protestors who oppose what is being done in Maine to please write a letter or column with their proposals. If there are better ways to safely bring back our economy, I would like to hear them.

What are their suggestions to balance the safety of the public with bringing back the economy?

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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