I am so angry. My husband and I are following all the guidelines regarding the virus, yet we see people in stores and demonstrating with no face coverings and not social distancing, claiming they do not have the virus. They could be a carrier and spread the germ so that, when I go out to get groceries, I am being exposed to those germs.

Some people expect instant gratification instead of having patience, while complaining about the injustice of it all. What about the injustice I experience with their lack of consideration?

All I see at these demonstrations are Trump signs. They are supporting the person who is partly responsible for the whole mess. Remember Trump’s statements? “This is all going to go away by April 1.” “It won’t be serious — will only take 15 lives.” And then Trump suggested using household cleaners to cure it; after all, it works on surfaces.

I am frustrated because I want to be able to see my 8-year-old grandson and the one due any day.

Those demonstrators should realize how their actions could affect the rest of us who are following the guidelines. I know it is hard for them to think of others because this is only happening to them, right?

Susan Petroulis, Lewiston

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