Several OH Rotarians have teamed up with the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club to deliver food baskets weekly. From left to right are Peter Kaurup, Rotarian who has helped with Harrison Food Bank deliveries; Beth Abbott, Rotarian community service director; and Daddy O’s owners, Amanda and Aaron Ouellette. 

SOUTH PARIS — The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills has started weekly ZOOM meetings to keep members in touch with each other and discuss possible options for helping those less fortunate during the COVID-19 pandemic. The club presented $3,109.76 in checks to five local food pantries to help with food insecurities and other needs: $1,000 to First Congregation Church of South Paris minister’s discretionary fund account for area families in need; $500 to Town of Paris for elderly families food deliveries; $500 to Oxford Hills Food Pantry program; $500 to Harrison Food Bank for fuel for the food pantry refrigeration truck; and $609.76 (part of a $25,000 Disaster Response Fund District Grant) to Daddy O’s Acts of Kindness Foundation to support the food pantry program. For more information, visit



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