I did telephone work for the campaign “Janet for Governor” and I had the opportunity to talk to maybe a hundred Mainers. No one needed much persuasion, although the occasional issue of treatment of the Penobscots came up (she has subsequently put them on her team; Maine even has an Indigenous People’s Day and she revitalized the MITSC from 1980).

But what people especially liked was her stance on medical care. It’s that care that, with other members of her family (specifically Dr. Dora Mills), I have particularly come to be grateful for.

Mills has been true to her promises. She accepted federal assistance on Medicaid that has put Medicaid back on substantial ground, improving the situation in hospitals that deal with Medicaid patients (Trump is  now grandstanding to shut down ACA). As attorney general, Mills was highly involved with hospitals and now is in the best possible position to collect information on the medical and economic issues facing Maine.

Mainers hired her to make serious judgments. Now it’s time to listen and take what she is saying seriously, instead of clinging to the destructive belief in the value of absolute, reckless freedom.

Sandra Keith, Farmington

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