When folks start to think about heading to one of the re-opening counties for a restaurant meal or some other such thing, they bear these words in mind: “By protecting others, you save yourself. If you only think of yourself, you’ll destroy yourself.”

Those lines are from “Seven Samurai,” the 1954 movie upon which the American western “The Magnificent Seven” was based. They are spoken by the leader of the Samurai (the role reprised by Yul Brenner) as the villagers ready themselves against the existential threat of bandits. A few villagers, whose homes were outside of the main village, had attempted to leave the unified group to protect their own homes. Once driven back to the group, the Samurai dramatically stated those words.

Being “in it together” continues to be extremely significant in all organized societies, but possibly even more so as the clamor to get out and about becomes louder and more intense.

So, no matter what the reason is for leaving a closed county for an re-opened one, people must please consider thoughtfully because whatever decision they make is not only about their safety, it is about the safety of others, as well.

Scott Roberts, Livermore Falls

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