A few goats having fun at the farm. Courtesy of Tourmaline Hill Farm

GREENWOOD — Tourmaline Hill Farm on 21 Kennedy Lane in Greenwood is yet another business to be hit hard by COVID-19.

The virus has shut down many of the businesses the farm has sold to.

“It has changed the structure of farmers’ markets and essentially cost me a lot of extra money in additional labor to create a safety procedure in order to attend the markets, as well as personal protective gear, hand sanitizer and paper goods also to attend the markets,” owner Lisa McLeod said.

McLeod said that sales have dropped by 50%, leaving her with more milk and milk related products than she has room for.

With no more refrigeration, she is looking for people to come and buy some of her products soon or else she’ll have to dispose of them.

Currently, she has around 100 gallons raw goat milk, goat cheeses and yogurts, among other products, that need to be sold.

The farm opened in 2006. They produce several types of cheese, goat milk, goat meet cuts and yogurts.

“As I sit here and write this I have at least 100 gallons of goat milk in the walk-in, cases of yogurts and mountains of cheese,” McLeod said. “It is all good food. It is seasonal as well so now is the time I need to sell so in the winter when I have little or no milk I will be able to feed the animals during the time they are pregnant.”






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