NORWAY — Spring exposed an unwelcome surprise at Lake Pennesseewassee Park. Norway town officials discovered that over the winter someone had vandalized the park outhouse. Trash and human waste were stuffed down the toilet and strewn through the bathroom. Obscenities were scribbled across the inside and outside walls.

“We don’t do park maintenance in the winter,” said Town Manager Denis Lajoie. “While we generally do have a couple of incidents there during the year, in winter it’s not usually an issue because of snow. With a milder winter it must have been easier for people to get to it.”

The town was left with an expensive mess and no easy solution.

“We got a report that the toilet had been stuffed,” said Debra Partridge, Norway’s Director of Parks, Recreation & Cemeteries. “By the time I there, the trash had gotten wet and sunk into the 500 gallon tank. We have no way of knowing how much is even there. The trash mixed with sewage in the tank. We can’t have our usual service pump it out the way it is because the trash clogs up their hoses.”

The only affordable option the town has is to cap over the tank and remove the outhouse. Partridge said she is going to have a portable restroom brought in for the time being.

“If there is another incident like this we will pull the portable toilet and there will be no facilities at the park,” she said. “People need to properly and respectfully use public property. Taxpayers should not bear the cost for actions like this.”

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